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2011 Meeting Presentations

November, 2011

Election of 2012 Officers and Board

Chapter Goals for 2012 presented by Bob Schacke

Pictures from the Field

Associates Corner

Reasons to ‘Like’ Facebook

Presented by Gary Monfeli, 815-690-6903

October, 2011

Concrete Raising and Repair (Mud Jacking)


  • Raising, leveling, stabilizing settled sidewalks, patios, driveways,
    garage/industrial floors, stoops/steps, pool decks
  • Filling voids under stoops or concrete slabs
  • Repairing cracks & leaks in basements and crawl spaces
  • Treating interior floor cracks and exterior cracks and gaps in concrete slabs

Presented by CRC, Patty Peterson, 847-808-7400

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GFA Furnaces

Presented by Les Glasowicz,

September, 2011
Insulated Window Repair

Apex Window Works is a Chicagoland based company that specializes in all kinds of window and door repair and replacement. Services include new technology for restoring foggy windows that have broken seals, glass replacement, wood work repair, and more.
Contact Ada or Alana, 847-884-7490

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Home Inspector Websites

Presented by Chuck Bellefontaine

August 2011

Water Intrusion into Masonry Structures, 3 State CE’s

Masonry clad residential buildings present special problems to home inspectors and require special inspection techniques with regards to water intrusion problems. In the Chicago area, these problems have been on the increase in recent years. We have found some interesting causes and solutions to many of these problems.

Presented by Will Decker, 847-676-8393

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July, 2011

Masonry Issues

All of your questions answered about brick, buttering, mortar, split face block and cracking

Presented by Scott Conwell, Director of Market Development & Technical Services International Masonry Institute, Michael Hunt, apprentice Cordinator and Jeff Bloom, Craft Director, BAC Local 21 Tuck Pointers Union. Scott Conwell 630-396-3106

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Stump the Panel

Presented by Various NIC members.

June, 2011
Business and Legal Concerns of the Home Inspector

Kopka, Pinkus, Dolin & Eads, LLC discussed issues such as 
1.  Drafting good home inspection contracts.
2.  Creating better home inspection reports.
3.  Avoiding lawsuits from clients.
4.  Legal pitfalls for home inspectors.
5.  Recent law related to home inspectors.
6.  Setting up the home inspection company (Corporation, LLC,        d/b/a, or other).
7. Q & A

Presented by Attorney Joel D. Groenewold, Esq., 312-782-9920 X309

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Marketing, Tracking and Tricks in His Bag

Presented by John Bruner

May, 2011

Different types of insulation CLOSED AND OPEN CELL

Presented by Arc Insulation, Craig Matteson, 815-293-1250 and Air-Rite HVAC


Deck Safety Class also offered for 3State CE’s

Simpson Strong -Tie, ASHI, & The Bellman Group have joined together to give a Deck educational class to Illinois ASHI inspectors. Attending this class and passing the State required class test you will receive 3 Illinois State Continuing state credits, thanks to Chuck Bellefontaine and the Bellman Group, As well as 4 ASHI credits,

When      Wednesday, May 18

Where   Elgin Community College, Elgin, IL

8am - Noon

Course Credits Offered: CEU credits=0.4, PDH=4, ASHI credits=4,

Illinois State CEs=3 through The Bellman Group

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Difference between 80% and 90% Furnaces

Presented by Pat Manning, 630-264-1150

April, 2011
Home Inspection Marketing
Mike Crow will present marketing tips for home inspectors and has delivered hundreds of presentations to organizations, groups, and business owners in almost every industry imaginable and has hosted his own Home Inspector 4 Day Seminar every year for the last 7 years. Mike knows what it takes to effectively deliver outstanding content while keeping the crowd excited and engaged.

Presented by Mike Crow, Millionaire Inspector Community, 800-211-3981

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Millionaire Inspector Community

Presented by Mike Crow, 800-211-3981

March, 2011

Home Structure, 3 State CE’s

A review of structural basics, structural sleuthing, foundation repair methods, and the new pressure treated wood.

Presented by Steve Preins, past president of NIC/ASHI, frequent presenter for ASHI, NAHI, Inter NACHI and other national and local conferences and events, 800-761-1698

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The Role of the General Contractor

Presented by Steven James,

Owner of Meridian Homes Inc. and American Building Inspection Services Inc.

Steve is a civil engineer, licensed home inspector.

February, 2011

Appliance Recalls

Since 1974, American citizens have been protected from dangerous items in their homes by federal law. Congress prescribed a system whereby if a manufacturer designed a dangerous product, they MUST recall all those items and FIX THEM FOR FREE!

The problem in the law is that most often it's up to the consumer, to find out whether appliances are potential fire or safety hazards!

In the event of a potential recall, RecallChek issues a report including:

1) the nature of the recall,

2) where the product was sold,

3) how to remedy the defect, and

4) how to get the item repaired / replaced in most cases - absolutely FREE

Making America's Homes Safer One appliance at a time.

Presenter, Nathan Thornberry, 800-544-8156

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Remedies for low flow or low water pressure

Presented by Scott Zolden, 312-339-1656

January, 2011

Name That Defect

Ed Massart and John Brunner will present a learning opportunity to help all of us spot defects and issues we need to put in our inspection reports.

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Radon and Radon Detection Issues

Presented by Steve Reilly, 630-248-6500