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Prism Analytic Technologies

Prism Analytical Technologies, Inc. is a recognized leader in the development and deployment of ambient air testing methodologies for Fortune 100 companies and environmental consultants across North America, South America, and Europe. Devoted to the chemical identification and analysis of contaminants in the air, Prism employs science-based technologies and wide range of air testing support to help clients solve indoor air quality, process control, industrial, and environmental challenges.

Prism’s IAQ Home Survey™ line of services, are revolutionary indoor air quality assessments that are used specifically to test for airborne chemicals and actively growing mold in residential properties.  Using sophisticated, proprietary analysis methodologies, Prism’s team of highly trained, advanced-degreed Analytical Chemists can determine from a single air sample the level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the home air, as well as the level of Mold Volatile Organic Compounds (MVOCs), or actively growing mold, within the walls or carpeting of the home. From the chemical fingerprint of the home, Prism can then predict the sources of VOC contamination, giving the homeowner actionable information to use in locating and removing the offending sources, and thereby improving the overall home air quality.

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