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The Carson Dunlop Home Inspection Training Program
is the most comprehensive program available. The total system contains 10 modules, each of which features between 250 and 500 pages of text and up to 250 illustrations. Each module also contains detailed study instructions to walk you through the steps necessary to complete each section.

The modules cover the following topics:

101   Roofing
102   Electrical
103   Structure
104   Heating
105   Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps
106   Plumbing
107   Exterior
108   Insulation
109   Interior
110   Communications and Professional Practice

Along with the Carson Dunlop books and CD's, we also have the following from ITA in our library:

3 VHS tapes.  A Hands-On Guide to Success
201 Part One
202 Part Two
203 Part Three

301 Office Procedures Manual and Business Control Forms
302 The Encyclopedia of Houses-The Home Reference Book
303 A Training Manual for Home Inspectors
304 Inspection Training Combo Study Guide (Four Copies)
305 Inspection Techniques
306 Home Inspection Advertising and Marketing
307 Mechanical Inspection
308 The Logical Path of a Home Inspection
309 Code Check Study Guide.

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