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April 9th

Villa Nova Restaurant
237 St. Charles Road
Villa Park, Illinois 60181

5:30pm - Associates Corner: Smole Detectors. Presented by our own Bob Schacke and Brad Haugen
6:30pm - Dinner
7:00pm - Main Presentation: Air Leaks & Duct Problems: Presented by Mr. Joe St. Pierres of Aero-Seal

Please join us for the April 9, 2014, NIC-ASHI Meeting. As usual we will meet at Villa Nova, 237 W. St. Charles Road, Villa Park.

Associate's Corner at 5:30 PM. Dinner at 6:30 and Major Presentation at 7:00 PM.

Villa Nova needs a head count to plan the meal.

Please let Steve know if you are planning to attend the meeting by clicking on his email address below by April 7.

Associates Corner

Do you know that ASHI has taken an official stance and several states require the use of the newer photoelectric smoke detectors?

Bob Schacke, ACI and Brad Haugen, ACI will present the differences between Ionization vs Photoelectric Smoke Alarms and the official stance that ASHI has taken, which you may want to add to you inspection reports.

Main Presentation 7:00 PM

Air Leaks and Duct Problems

Mr. Joe St. Pierres with Aero-Seal, will be discussing air leaks and duct problems in the home and how to solve them.

The amount and percentage of air leaking from the duct work and other air flow or ventilation problems, including;
- Inconsistent temperature variations throughout the home or building.
- Air flow levels for each room.
- Back draft and combustion safety hazard potential for fireplaces, furnaces, and gas heated rooms and closets in residential homes.
- Manual repair needs of air duct system.
- In an Aeroseal air duct diagnostic, a certified Aeroseal technician inspects and evaluates your central air duct system and recommends ways to maximize your savings and improve your home comfort or improve building efficiency and solve air flow / ventilation problems.

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