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Priority Energy

Founded in 2009, Priority Energy is a one-stop, energy efficiency resource for homeowners, builders, architects, and code officials. They are committed to providing the most up-to-date energy efficiency information gathered from national authorities, such as IECC, the US DOE, RESNET, and BPI. Their team of certified experts has nearly 100 years of engineering, construction, and energy efficiency experience.

Priority Energy, LLC is comprised of three divisions, all based out of their facility at:
538 Busse Highway in Park Ridge, IL 60068. Phone: (800)737-2299

In addition to energy audits, Priority Energy provides a variety of high performance products and services which have improved the home comfort and health of hundreds of homes. Their leading service is the award winning Aeroseal duct sealing process in which duct leaks are sealed from the inside.

This process has been endorsed by the U.S. DOE as one of the most beneficial energy efficiency improvements on the market. Most customers report feeling almost immediate results after Aeroseal-ing.

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