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July 9th

Villa Nova Restaurant
237 St. Charles Road
Villa Park, Illinois 60181

5:30pm - Associates Corner: Safety: Carbon Monoxide testing, and Garage Doors, Windows & Doors. Presented by Louis Chavez from (UL) Underwriters Labratories.
6:30pm - Dinner
7:00pm - Main Presentation: Asbestos Remediation, Presented by John Gezik from Great Environmental

Please join us for the July 9th, 2014, NIC-ASHI Meeting. As usual we will meet at Villa Nova, 237 W. St. Charles Road, Villa Park.

Associates Corner 5:30 PM

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Testing by U.L., Garage Door, Window, and Door Safety.


Presented by: Lou Chaves, Security Principle Engineer-Product Safety, Underwriter's Laboratories, LLC


Lou will discuss the different types of Carbon Monoxide detectors, along with pros & cons of each and how there tested at Underwriters Laboratories.


He will also present on Garage door, window and door safety and technologies.




Main Presentation 6:30 PM

Asbestos Identification and Abatement


Presented by: John Gezik, President Great Environmental.


John has operated Great Environmental, Asbestos-Lead-Mold Services, for over 10 years.


Great Environmental provides specific abatement and remediation treatments based on professional evaluation to eliminate hazardous Asbestos, Lead and Mold conditions in built environments.


John will be presenting on methods used for identifying and dealing with various forms of asbestos containing materials in the home, and the differences between friable or non-friable asbestos.




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