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Firefighter Safety Research Institute's

Come Experience UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute's PPV Experimental Fire


There are only 43 seats available. Once we hit that number no more people can attend.
You won't want to miss this opportunity! First come first serve basis.

Don't be left out! Contact Rudy ASAP

What: UL is conducting a 3-year study titled "Study of the Effectiveness of Fire Service Positive Pressure Ventilation during Fire Attack in Single Family Homes Incorporating Modern Construction Practices." The purpose is to increase firefighter safety by providing the fire service with credible scientific information, developed from full-scale fire testing in representative modern single family homes, on the usage of positive pressure ventilation fans during fire attack. You are invited to watch the 23 full-scale fire experiments.

Why: We want to continue our impact on firefighter and public safety by educating the fire service about fire dynamics and ventilation. We have studied two of the three main types of ventilation and the fire service needs and has repeatedly requested credible information from UL about this third type of ventilation, PPV. We also want to open our doors so the fire service can watch these tests first hand.

When: These experiments will be conducted over a period between January 5th and February 5th. Each test day will include 2 full-scale fire experiments utilizing a 1200 square foot ranch house and a 3200 square foot colonial house.

Where: All of the testing will be conducted in UL's Large Fire Laboratory (Building 11) on the UL Campus at: 333 Pfingston Rd. Northbrook, IL. 60062. Park in Parking Lot A at the North end of the campus.

Please see the Information tab for location and campus map at:

Who: The testing will be conducted by the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute and registration is open to everyone and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to attend a date that has already filled up, we will accept people off of a waitlist as resources allow.


February 03, 2015 at 8am. Do Not Be Late!


Plan to arrive by 8:00am. You will be given access to the laboratory test floor prior to the experiment to see the setup and test plan for the day. You will be given an opportunity to tour the houses before the test begins including all the measurement equipment. One experiment will take place in the morning and one experiment will take place after lunch. You will be able to watch the experiments from the observation room on the second floor and will be able to visit the lab floor again when smoke has cleared and it is safe to do so. The second experiment should be complete by 3:00pm but this could change depending on a number of factors such as function or damage of test equipment. We will do our best to follow this schedule but there are some things out of our control.


Lunch will be provided.


Closed toe shoes are required and safety glasses and hard hats will be provided unless visitors choose to bring their own.

Remember, sign up early for this special event. Don't be left out.