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Monthly Meetings 2017

January 11th
5:30pm:  Associates Corner: January is National Radon Awareness Month. The presentation will be by our own Steve Reilly of Owl Inspection.
7:00pm: Main Presentation: Bob Stewart from Trenchless Innovations will present on the rehabilitation of HVAC underground ducts and sewer repairs without digging via relining.
New meeting dues start: Non-State CE nights - Students $30, NIC Members $40, Non members $65.  State CE nights (3 hours) - NIC members $60,  Non members $95

February 8th
5:30 pm:  Associates Corner: Risk Management by Joe Konopacky of Insight Property Inspections
7:00 pm:  Main Presentation: Curtis Stewart from Certainteed brands of new technolgies on drywall, insulation, and roofing products.

March 8th - for 3 State CE's
5:30pm: Dinner, no associates corner
6:00pm: Presentaition - Deck Inspections presented by Corey Friedman of The Bellman Group.

April 12th
5:30 pm Associates Corner: Our own David Watts from Hines Lumber presenting on Truss Design, Manufacturer and Defects
7:00 pm Main Presentation: Wick Right presentation on Moisture Intrusion and Management in Buildings

May 10th
5:30pm: Our own Zac Lesh presenting on EIFS Inspections
7:00pm Main Presentation: Drone Inspections/ Regulations from Drone Training Pros, Robert J Nelson, CGSI

June 14th - for 3 State CE's
6pm: 2014 NEC Update for Home Inspectors by Mike Casey (webcast) and Combustion Safety Testing by Joe Konopacki from Insight Property Services

July 12th
5:30 pm: Report Writing Review and DiscussionPresented by NIC's own Rudy Schlosser, from Ace in the Home
7:00 pm: HVAC Zoning and AirflowPresented by Steve Bilicia, Home Comfort Systems - Airflow and how it relates to heating, air conditioning and overall comfort of the home.  - Variable speed two-stage furnaces and - Residential home HVAC zoning

August 9th
5:30 Peter Schopen of Schopen Pest Soloutions will present on rodent intrusion signs that get missed during a Home Inspection.
7:00 pm Main Presentation: Water Heater Installation and Service, Mike Door from RC Sales

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