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2017 Monthly Meetings

January 11th
5:30pm:  Associates Corner: January is National Radon Awareness Month. The presentation will be by our own Steve Reilly of Owl Inspection.
7:00pm: Main Presentation: Bob Stewart from Trenchless Innovations will present on the rehabilitation of HVAC underground ducts and sewer repairs without digging via relining.
New meeting dues start: Non-State CE nights - Students $30, NIC Members $40, Non members $65.  State CE nights (3 hours) - NIC members $60,  Non members $95

February 8th
5:30 pm:  Associates Corner: Risk Management by Joe Konopacky of Insight Property Inspections
7:00 pm:  Main Presentation: Curtis Stewart from Certainteed brands of new technolgies on drywall, insulation, and roofing products.

March 8th - for 3 State CE's
5:30pm: Dinner, no associates corner
6:00pm: Presentaition - Deck Inspections presented by Corey Friedman of The Bellman Group.

April 12th
5:30 pm Associates Corner: Our own David Watts from Hines Lumber presenting on Truss Design, Manufacturer and Defects
7:00 pm Main Presentation: Wick Right presentation on Moisture Intrusion and Management in Buildings

May 10th
5:30pm: Our own Zac Lesh presenting on EIFS Inspections
7:00pm Main Presentation: Drone Inspections/ Regulations from Drone Training Pros, Robert J Nelson, CGSI

June 14th - for 3 State CE's
6:00 pm: 2014 NEC Update for Home Inspectors by Mike Casey (webcast) and Combustion Safety Testing by Joe Konopacki from Insight Property Services

July 12th
5:30 pm: Report Writing Review and DiscussionPresented by NIC's own Rudy Schlosser, from Ace in the Home
7:00 pm: HVAC Zoning and AirflowPresented by Steve Bilicia, Home Comfort Systems - Airflow and how it relates to heating, air conditioning and overall comfort of the home.  - Variable speed two-stage furnaces and - Residential home HVAC zoning

August 9th
5:30 Peter Schopen of Schopen Pest Soloutions will present on rodent intrusion signs that get missed during a Home Inspection.
7:00 pm Main Presentation: Water Heater Installation and Service, Ron Carter from RC Sales 877-598-1233

September 13th for 3 State CE's
6:00 pm: Pre-1950's Old House Inspections presented by Steve Preins from Quality Educatioon Group

October 11th
5:30 Greg Mitchell from presented on CrawlSpace Encapsulation
7:00 Mike Gore of RC Sales/ Weil McClain presented on Boiler Systems and Inspection

Novermber 8th
5:30 Chuck Bellefontaine from The Bellman Group presented on FHA Inspection
6:30 Annual Business Meeting, Election of Board Members
7:00 Ronal Robertson, Master Electrician presented on Electricity, Bonding, and Grounding

December 12th
Joint Meeting with NIC ASHI and NARI (National Association of the Remoldeling Industry)
5:00 pm: "Social Media Marketing for Small Business" Roundtable 
6:00 pm: Networking with Remodeling Contractors
6:30 pm: Dinner
7:00 pm:"Managing Moisture in Residential Applications" Challenges in moisture management and durability posed by energy efficient wall systems. Water management code requirements and how these established water management recommendations and code requirements relate to highly insulated and airtight wall assemblies.

December 20th:

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