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July 8th

Crazy Pour Restaurant
105 E. North Ave
Villa Park, Illinois 60181

5:30pm. Associates Corner: John Leach of One Source Solutions, will present on their services offered to buyers to set up the utilities in their homes.
6:30pm. Dinner.
7:00pm. Main presentation: Peter and Drake Schopen of Schopen Pest Solutions will present on Wood Destroying organisms.

ASSOCIATES CORNER (5:30PM): John Leach of One Source Solutions

John Leach of One Source Solutions, a new ASHI and NICASHI Affiliate Member as of this year, will present on their services offered. OneSource Solutions specializes in connecting your customer's new home services in 1 (20 minute) phone call for FREE, rather than having your client spend hours on end doing it themselves. Services such as: Phone, TV, Internet, Gas, Water, Electric & more. This service is provided as a convenience service and is offered at no cost to the customer or the referring party. And again this is branded to show the client that you are bringing convenience to their buying process. OneSource is an authorized reseller for all of the providers that service your client’s new moving address. We provide customers with their service providers in an unbiased manner so they can make an informed decision. We will make as many connections for your client as we can. If they select a provider that requires additional participation from the customer, we will provide them with a detailed email of step by step instructions. Due to customer demand, OneSource also offers your clients assistance with the following services: Locksmith, Newspaper,& Moving & Storage, Junk Removal, Audio Visual Connections, and other services to help bring convenience to the move. (Confirmed). One Source will hold a drawing for a gift valued up to $300.00

MAIN PRESENTATION (7PM): Peter and Drake Schopen of Schopen Pest Solutions will present on Wood Destroying Inspects (WDO)

7pm. Peter and Drake are both second generation Pest Control Business operators as they were both brought up in the business by their father Peter Sr. Peter and Drake will be presenting on Wood Destroying Insect Inspections (ie Termites, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees and Reinfesting Wood Borin Beetles. For anyone looking to add to their portfolio of services, this presentation will provide valuable information regarding the inspection process and qualifications required to perform such inspections.

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